Bodyweight Training Program

Underground RX wants to provide you with options for your training during times where you may be limited by the equipment you have available or you find yourself in isolation or quarantine.

For this reason we have created this program which requires no equipment and will focus on building Muscle Endurance, Capacity and Core Strength. This gives you the opportunity to continue to work towards your goals.

Each day comprises of 2 - 4 components and can be completed in it's entirety or in parts to suit your current skill and fitness needs.

Programs are delivered straight to your phone via the SugarWOD App and are updated weekly - meaning no two weeks will be the same.

Online leaderboard to compete with athletes all over the world.

As any small business during this time our future is uncertain. While this program is available for free we do have an option to follow our program for AUD $22 per month. If you do have the capability to do so and you would like to support us we appreciate you choosing this option, however we will not limit this service for those who cannot afford it.
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About URX Programming
Athlete Programming
The heart of URX Programming! A program designed to get Athletes better at what they love - CrossFit! 
Varied, fun and an excellent mix of traditional and odd object movements. Strength, strongman, powerlifting, metcons etc. 
Specialty Programming
Every athlete has a weakness, these Specialty Programs are designed to target those specific areas of an Athletes game to help build well rounded, capable athletes, confident in competition. Focused on Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Muscle Endurance or Capacity.
Affiliate Programming
Coming soon to URX Programming!
Affiliate Programming will provide you and your gym with the solution to well balanced, fun and member driven classes!
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" The programming is not only effective, but it is also fun and enjoyable. The variety and also the inclusion of movements not found in your everyday class keeps it challenging, and the guidance from the coaches and community keeps it safe. Highly recommended!! "
- Nathan W.
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